Dear Friends of Musikiosk, our installation was removed at the end of the approved trial period in September, 2015. We had a blast interacting with our community and learned so much from talking to you while you got to take over a public space with music. Find out about our project outcomes over at: If you think the Musikiosk technology would be a good fit for your project, please contact contact[at]sounds-in-the-city[dot]org and we would be happy to discuss a future home for it


1. Bring your own audio device (mp3 player, smartphone, tablet, laptop). Everything else is provided - you don't have to bring any cables.
2. Connect your audio device through the 1/8″ (aux) wire or using the Bluetooth (network name: Musikiosk).
3. Play a song and control the volume using your regular music player software. If you are connected by cable, you can also use the volume knob attached to the gazebo wall.
4. Have fun.

General rules
If the device is already in use, you won't be able connect through Bluetooth or play music through the wired connection.
Once the Musikiosk is no longer in use, please wait 10 to 20 seconds to connect through Bluetooth and play your own music.
Musikiosk is a participative installation, please be respectful while choosing your music selection. After using Musikiosk for 30 minutes, please share with new users or make sure no one wants to use it before playing again.

Operating hours
Mon-Fri: 9 AM - 10 PM
Sat-Sun: 10 AM - 10 PM
Closed Saturday: 2:30 - 7:30 PM


We've installed a high-quality sound system called Musikiosk in the gazebo of the Parc du Portugal during the month of August and it's open to you.
Bring a wired or Bluetooth audio device along on your next park visit, connect, and play your own content under Montreal's warm summer sky. Bring a picnic, bring your dancing shoes, and do something totally different. Musikiosk is waiting.

Musikiosk is a research project focused on urban soundscape. We are a group of 10 researchers from McGill and ÉTS interested in improving Montreal through better soundscapes, by making the city sound good for its residents and visitors. Musikiosk is one of our ideas for letting the city users tell us what they want.
If you would be interested in talking to our research team about your perceptions of the sounds of Montreal or experience with Musikiosk, please provide us your email address by sending an email to


What do I need to bring exactly?
Bring an audio player, like an mp3 player, preloaded with your favorite songs. We provide everything else you need to play the music out loud. Make sure your battery is charged.

Can I do a live performance?
Yes and no. If you have pre-recorded music and would like to have it accompany you while you play an acoustic instrument (e.g. you play a live, unamplified flute while a piano accompaniment plays from your iPod over Musikiosk), that will work great, and we look forward to hearing you play. At the moment, however, you cannot plug in your electric guitar for live amplification. Accommodating all live performance is a near-term goal for us, but unfortunately, at the moment, we are experiencing a latency that is too long for amplifying a live instrument. We hope to fix this in future releases.

I have an idea for Musikiosk. Who should I talk to?
If you have an idea for a public performance or activity, please contact us. With some advance notice, we can book you an official time slot and give you access to some more features like louder levels. We would love to hear your ideas.

I want silence when I visit a park!
We understand and think our parks should be restful too. But this is already not a quiet park - we feel that this park gets its charm by being vibrant and lively. We chose a place that reflects the musical heritage of the local community and sits right beside the busy St-Laurent Boulevard. Musikiosk is not meant for showy performances, it's for small stuff. We've also done some calculations to make sure you're not hearing it from too far away. We hope you feel that we fit in here too. If you have comments for us about this, please contact us or the city using the 311 hotline.

I don't want to hear someone else's music!
We get it! We encourage you to talk to other users (and researchers) to tell them what sounds you DO want to hear. Maybe there's some music that makes everyone happy. If that's not working, get in line! Musikiosk resets and takes new users every 30 minutes.

I'm interested in the research. How can I get involved?
We are looking for participants for an interview-style study. If you are interested, please send us an email at If you are interested in joining the Musikiosk team, please write us an email and let us know how you would be interested in working with us.

How can I get a Musikiosk in my neighbourhood park?
Please speak with your elected city representatives or the events managers of your quartier. We would be happy to work with them to bring Musikiosk to other parks. Musikiosk works great in lively, busy parks, but we do not envision it working well in all spaces.

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